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Vaughan's Best Dog Grooming - Cat Grooming - Animal Grooming Maple, Vaughan, Thornhill

56 Kavala St Maple, Ontario

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Dog Grooming

Small, Medium & Large dog breed grooming. Long & Short haired.
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Cat Grooming

Cat grooming prices vary from long to medium & short haired breeds.

small animal grooming near me in Maple

Small Pet Grooming

Guinea pigs, Rabbits, Hampsters, Rats, Ferrits, Sugar gliders, Hedge hogs, Bearded dragons & Birds.

Full Groom

Mainly for Long & short haired dogs & cats. GWL full grooming package includes haircut, bath & blow dry, nail cutting, ear cleaning followed by a sanitary cleanup & brush out to complete the full grooming package. A fantastic way to get a complete grooming package for your dog or cat.

Clean-up Groom

Mainly for Long & short haired dogs & cats. Includes a bath/blow dry, light trim around the eyes, feet and paw-pads as well as a sanitary trim, nail cutting & ear cleaning. Great to tidy-up your dog or cat's coat and keep their existing cut fresh and stylish.


Nail grinding, nail polish, teeth cleaning available with any of our packages.

Who's ready for a groom?

Vaughan’s Best In-home grooming service for your Dog, Cat, Ferret, Guinea pig, Hamster, Rat, Sugar glider, Hedge hog, Bearded dragon and Bird.

56 Kavala St. Maple, ON

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